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5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Crime Scene Cleaning Companies

5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Crime Scene Cleaning Companies
  • 1. Primarily Small, Locally Owned Enterprises
    Despite being affiliated with well-known franchise brands, most crime scene cleaning companies are small, locally owned businesses. Franchises operate independently, emphasizing the local ownership and community-oriented nature of their operations. This local ownership allows for personalized, attentive service tailored to the needs of each community.

  • 2. Specialists in Handling the Unthinkable
    Crime scene cleaners tackle the jobs no one else dares to—removing blood, bodily fluids, and other biohazards that carry serious health risks. Their work goes beyond mere cleaning; it involves meticulous biohazard remediation. Technicians are extensively trained and certified, using personal protective equipment (PPE) and specialized equipment to safely eliminate biohazards and odors, ensuring a thorough and professional cleanup.

  • 3. Driven by Personal Experiences
    Many who enter the biohazard cleaning industry are motivated by personal tragedies, such as experiencing the loss of a loved one through violent means. This unique perspective fosters a deep understanding and empathy towards others undergoing similar distressing situations. It's not uncommon for individuals with backgrounds in law enforcement, or who have faced traumatic events themselves, to seek out this line of work as a way to offer support and assistance to others in their community.

  • 4. A Wide Range of Clients
    Contrary to the misconception that these companies are extensions of law enforcement, crime scene cleaning services are independently operated businesses catering to a diverse clientele. This includes not only working closely with law enforcement and first responders, but also serving individuals, families, and businesses in need of their specialized cleaning services.

  • 5. Offering More Than Just Crime Scene Cleanup
    The scope of services provided extends well beyond crime scenes. Companies like T.A.C.T.- Trauma and Casualty Team-  offer a variety of cleaning and remediation services, including hoarding cleanup, rodent droppings removal, mold remediation, and more. T.A.C.T. is equipped to handle sanitizing and decontaminating environments affected by viruses and dangerous pathogens, like COVID-19, along with drug residue removal and sewage cleanup. This broad range of services highlights the adaptability and comprehensive skill set of biohazard remediation professionals, making them a crucial resource for maintaining public health and safety.


T.A.C.T. partners with local business owners, police departments and first responders for biohazard cleanup services. We will function as your on-call responders, available 24/7, offering reliable support and a fast response when you need help. We are certified and insured and will arrive in unmarked vehicles to quickly and discreetly clean up following traumatic events such as suicide, homicide, tear gas deployment, sewage leaks, mold, and drug residue cleaning. Contact us today at (404) 985-5461 to set up a free consultation and learn how partnering with us will benefit your business. 


T.A.C.T. North Atlanta provides 24/7 emergency biohazard decontamination services for residents and businesses in the local communities that we serve. We specialize in clean up from suicides, homicides, crime scenes, trauma scenes, undiscovered death, blood spills, bodily fluids, vehicle decontamination, odor removal, dangerous pathogens, decontamination, sanitizing, tear gas, drug labs, mold remediation, hoarding, rodent droppings, and specialized cleaning services that vary by location*. 


We work with all insurance providers, are licensed, bonded, and insured. We handle your situation discreetly and empathetically. When you call T.A.C.T. for help, your call will be answered by an owner or manager, never a call center or answering service. Our technicians are certified and highly trained in the latest methods. If you are in need of emergency assistance to clean up following a traumatic event, call T.A.C.T. North Atlanta.


*Services offered vary by location

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